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In-car drum kit

Have you ever been sitting in your car, listening to some rockin’ music, waiting at the traffic light, and the beat is just so cool you start tapping your fingers on the steering wheel in time?

What if there were pressure sensitive drum pads on your steering wheel? Turning it into something like a Zendrum? You’d tap away to the beat and produce your own awesome drum rhythms, amplified throughout the car for your creative and listening pleasure! You could even do it while driving*!

* mezzacotta neither recommends nor condones unsafe driving. If you install a system like this in your car and get busted for it, you’re on your own. But think how cool and hip you’ll be.

And while on half-baked ideas, here’s one we spotted doing a web-trawl to see who was talking about us: A web/TV show called BadIdea, in which the host takes bad ideas from the audience and tests them out, Mythbusters style, to see if they really are bad ideas, or if they might actually be any good. Sounds like a winner to us!

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