mezzacotta Puzzle Competition

Puzzle Hints

3D. Swatches

Hint 1

For the white/green split-colour circle, solvers in North America can probably just ignore the white half, while solvers elsewhere can probably ignore the green half. For the purple/brown one, young solvers can probably just ignore the purple half, while older solvers can probably ignore the brown half. Line 5 might be easier like this:

A red circle, above an amber circle, above a green circle

Not everything you'll extract is a letter.

Hint 2

You need to convert colours into letters, into numbers, into colours to complete the circle. Line 3 might be easier rendered like this:

The coloured circles of row 3 rendered as small coloured dots in large black circles

Hint 3

Extract the message and look up the catalogue number indicated by the purple boxes. Here are all the lines made a bit easier:

All the rows rendered as different shapes that help identify them