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No. 705:

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First | Previous | 2010-11-14 | Next | Latest

Beamed directly into your brain by: Chris Mann

The author writes:

Family outings can be so much fun.

This one was definitely not one of them. We went for a drive out into the country, which should have been my first warning sign. The second one was when my brother suggested we play a game to pass the time. Some of you might see where this is heading.

Paul, if you are reading this, no I do not care that there are bloody "Cows, Cows, over there", and I absolutely refuse to tell you that "Cows, Cows, they have hair"! Honestly! Sometimes I wonder if he does it on purpose, like that time he bought me a you-know-what-print cover for my mobile phone - when I don't even have one; or there was that time he made horns with his fingers, headbutted me in the the direction he wanted to go and told me to "moooooove along".

So this strip is just my little form of stress relief, and should not be considered as canon. Except for the bovine genocide - I'm going to keep that one going (in this universe, at least!).