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No. 668:

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First | Previous | 2010-10-08 | Next | Latest

Beamed directly into your brain by: Henning Makholm

The author writes:

I learned something new today.

You know eggplants, right? Greenish-brown vegetables with a yolk-sized hard core in the middle and pale green creamy-yet-firm pulp around it? Which you dice to put into salads (together with bacon and actual eggs, yum!) or puree to make dip? Also known as avocados?

Surprise! It turns out that dictionaries insist that "eggplant" actually means aubergine! Aubergines are a completely different thing from eggpl-, I mean, avocados. When did this change?

Now I wonder why people didn't complain that the three-armed magic talking "eggplant" from the umpteenth dimension who used to be Antoinette's boyfriend didn't look anything like an aubergine. Am I just that bad at drawing vegetables?