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No. 194:

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First | Previous | 2009-06-19 | Next | Latest

Rescued from a corrupted hard drive by: Neil Tarrant

The author writes:


In many ways there are a genius invention. The decent ones allow you to listen to whatever you like in quality which is almost as good as listening to it though speakers. And all while not disturbing those around on a train, bus, ferry or office.

I consider myself to now be a connoisseur of the many ways a headphone can break, and of the many varieties which exist. However, is there any piece of technology which is quite so easy to break?

I listen using my headphone a lot. On most journeys I'll be sitting there with them in. The best I've found have only ever lasted me six months before one ear stops producing sound, or wiggling the jack becomes too much of a frustration (the wiggling, Oh god the wiggling. It torments me. You're just about to conclude that you need to spend yet more on the bloody things when there is a hint of a sound, you wiggle the connector back, there it is again. Achieving the perfect position with a combination of fingers, plasticine and sticky tape you get the rich, vibrato stereo sound you deserve; right up until the point at which you next need to rotate your head. Damn). So you think that instead of buying some decent ones, I'll go for the cheapest I can find. And instead of lasting six months they last 1 week.

So I suppose the summary of my annotation here would be that I've just broken yet another set.