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No. 113:

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First | Previous | 2009-03-30 | Next | Latest

Extracted from the original commentary document by: Leon Arnott

The author writes:

Tyrus Peace's Not Included is based on a simple premise: since electronic children's toys have "batteries not included" written on the box, why weren't the batteries included? The story takes place in a surreal toy factory, where boxed toys are portrayed as ocean liners, setting sail to a distant land of shopping centres and supermarkets. The protagonists are AA and A2, anthropomorphic batteries who missed their "boat" and couldn't get on before it "sailed away". Their very purpose in life sundered before their eyes, they live out the remainder of their existence in the lower recesses of the factory with other "not includeds" - other batteries, defective toys, missing Barbie accessories, a stuffed cow, and, of course, assembly manuals that are actually useful.

But, the gloomy premise doesn't prevent it from being funny, strange and life-affirming. Indeed, one of its most heart-warming moments is when AA and A2 insert themselves into a defective toy car - using up some of their "life electricity" to let the downtrodden car experience the sensation of speed for one precious, fleeting moment. The chief "message" of the comic is that, even if your great expectations and life plans come to nothing, it's never impossible to make your life beautiful and fulfilling.

As a tribute to this webcomic, I included the inert shapes of AA, A2, and Mr. Moo in the background of today's episode.