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No. 1000:

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First | Previous | 2011-10-02 | Next | Latest

Retrieved from racial memory patterns by: Drachefly

The author writes:

My subtle sense of humour is lost on some. To be clear, no, the fourth wall is perfectly intact. My controlling camera angles to send additional messages to you the reader can add irony to a situation.

In this case, I used it to send an additional message that added a meaning to Blackdrip's gesture which would have broken the fourth wall, had he meant it. However, the fact that we could see his thoracic vertebrae does not mean that he is aware of us, even if what he said has an additional layer if he's aware that we could. Because it makes enough sense even without him having such awareness.

So, when I joked that the fourth wall was broken, it was a joke off of the statement in the previous comic. Okay?