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No. 59: Crockumentary

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{The sea at night, with some dolphins in near the beach.}
caption: On a dark night, the dolphins come quietly into the bay.

{A dolphin is seen struggling up the beach using its tail and flippers.}
caption: Daisy, a pregnant female, crawls up the beach to lay her eggs in the sand.

{A clutch of eggs pokes out of the sand. Some have hatched already. A small white furry nose with whiskers protrudes from one.}
caption: Two months later, the baby dolphins hatch.
caption: These "ermphins" flee to the safety of the nearby forest.

{A group of ermphins, ermine-like creatures, scurries among the trees.}
caption: Many are snatched by dolphin gulls en route.

{A young dolphin now looks like a ferret. It clutches a rodent-like creature in its mouth.}
caption: The dolphins grow over the months, feeding on small whales. Their fur begins to darken.

{The dolphin has now evolved to look more like an otter. It lies on its back in the water, holding a shellfish in one paw.}
caption: Year-old dolphins are now utterly at home in water.

{A seal-like dolphin wallows in water.}
caption: Over the years, they adapt to aquatic life, and prepare to seal themselves off from the land completely.

{A manatee-like dolphin drifts among submarine weed.}
caption: Adolescent dolphins ("manateens") go through an awkward phase waiting for their snouts to lengthen, and many become vegetarians.

{An adult dolphin swims underwater.}
caption: This young adult has finally grown its dorsal fin (the origin of the term "dol-phin").
caption: It is now free to seek and join a "pack of dolphins", or "POD", and continue the great cycle of life.

The author writes:

In case you're interested, the shellfish that the year-old dolphin is about to eat is a baby giant squid.

I'm considering selling this idea to the National Geographic channel, now that Fox has gotten them to lighten up a bit. I'm thinking of calling it Extreme Monotreme!. (The exclamation mark is part of the title. I think it works.)

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.