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No. 57: Logic chopping

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Logic chopping

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A movie poster, with a picture of a hooded monk in the shadowy foreground, with a bright arched church window in the background.}

header: Anthony Hopkins

catchphrase: Enemies must not multiply beyond necessity.

movie title: Occam's Razor {displayed on a cutthroat razor, "Occam's" being brass inlay in the handle, and "razor" formed from blood on the blade}

catchphrase: Some people just won't listen to reason.

credit text: PARSIMONIOUS FILMS presents a BRUTAL LOGIC production a FRANCISCAN FORD COPPOLA film ANTHONY HOPKINS 'OCCAM'S RAZOR' KIRSTEN DUNST SCOTUS casting by LOGICAL CHOICE MCDXCV music by JOHN WILLIAMS OF OCKHAM Why are you still reading this? Nobody ever reads this far. Seriously, what were you thinking? The print is always so narrow and it JOHN HURTs my eyes just thinking about reading it. It's like an eye test except it starts out small and gets bigger and smaller lorem ipsum dolor sit amet non sunt multiplicanda entia sine necessitate

The author writes:

My original plan for this idea was to make a black humour comic telling the story of William of Ockham's fall from grace. He would make philosophical arguments, but people with power and no intelligence would misunderstand or belittle his work, and eventually he would be driven to murder. And once he had started, the situation would get worse, and he would have to murder again and again.

But who has time to write and draw comics, anyway? Apart from which, the sort of things he wrote about were actually pretty tedious to modern readers, and his philosophical razor was not actually invented by him anyway. So here it has been reduced to a single strip as a movie poster. Maybe one day I'll expand on it.

Why Anthony Hopkins? A cold-blooded murderer with a powerful intellect. Well, I'm not saying Hopkins is a murderer... But don't push him!

I thought I'd google "Kirsten Dunst Scotus" to see if that would help anyone wondering what the heck that was supposed to mean, and found that SCOTUS is something important in some country or other, and it absolutely swamps the search results. Ah, well.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.