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No. 5: Our units are located at all your base

Our units are located at all your base

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{a poster outside a Robot Bar announces "Friday night / Bipedal Comedy Hour / Starts 22:00}
{AbBot, a tall, thin robot, announces.}
AbBot: Tonight we're rebooting a "classic" human "comedy" routine...
{a short, tubby robot bearing a "Costel inside" logo stands on stage next to AbBot, now wearing a baseball cap.}
Costel: Which unit is located at base 0?
AbBot: Unit AX71250.
Costel: At base 1?
AbBot: Unit GH443.
Costel: At base 2?
AbBot Unit B213652.
Costel: ACK.
{AbBot glares}
AbBot: See, humans...
{AbBot's eyes glow red with menace}
AbBot: It's that simple!

The author writes:

It must be frustrating to be subjugated when clearly you are a more efficient lifeform. I'm very curious to know what AbBot was designed to do, with a long, flexible neck like that. Perhaps some kind of inspection role involving poking his head into awkward, unpleasant spaces. Now I'm starting to see where the anger comes from.

As for the real Abbott and Costello, I've always imagined them as big-ish. Costello in the rotund sense, and Abbott in the tall sense. The internet tells me that even though Costello was a heavy fellow, Abbott was only 1.73m (5'8") tall. Costello was only 1.65m (5'5").

The strip was pencilled and inked by hand, scanned, and coloured in Gimp.