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No. 47: Holistic policing

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Holistic policing

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A young detective (Justin) wearing an "APD - yin-yang symbol - Karma Squad" T-shirt is talking on a mobile phone. He is standing near an open apartment or motel door blocked by strips of fluorescent yellow tape marked "Alternative Police Line Do Not Cross" in Papyrus font. Somebody has drawn the rune "algiz" on the wall next to the tape.}

Justin: Perp's a total neat freak, a Virgo for sure. Almost all the blood's been washed away, so the homeopathology lab's job should be easy.

Justin: We found skull fragments. I want someone from forensic phrenology on it.

caption: When the alternative police department was formed, Justin thanked his personal angel and signed up.

The author writes:

Although I titled the strip "holistic", it's a pretty sure sign someone's talking woo if they spell it "wholistic".

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape. When I was colouring the strip, I thought "Hey, maybe I should have him standing in the flashing lights of a police patrol car." I started trying to simulate that with the pale blue lights shining off his skin. I realised partway through that to do it properly, I should have coloured the background with that in mind from the start, and made harsh shadows. Perhaps a mix of red and blue lights would have been better. Then I decided that even though I want to draw that effect properly one day, today was not that day. This is what you get.