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No. 137: Need to think outside the box

Need to think outside the box

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A homeless man holding a cardboard sign sits on a corner. Around the corner, another man is living in a cardboard box that has been cut to look like a display package. He is dressed like a stereotypical designer. He has a bedroll, a MacBook laptop and a permanent marker. In front of him is a fancy present box lined with silk, in which he is collecting handouts. On the side of the box he is sitting in, he has written text as if on a product package.}

box text: Homeless packaging designer. * Out of a job. * Nowhere to stay. * Will work for food. BONUS: Free business card design with any paying job

sign on wall (with poor kerning): NO skateboards spitting littering
handwritten annotation on sign: or keming!

The author writes:

This is another of those comics that came to mind fully formed, giving me a creeping suspicion I might have stolen from it someone else. But I did some googling, and couldn't find a similar comic, so I went ahead with it.

Drawn in Krita and in Inkscape.