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Season 2 Recap


And that's the end of Season 2! Here's a recap, showing one of my favourite panels from each strip in the season.

Next week we start the third and final season of Star Trek!


Planet of Hats Season 2 Recap
{Kirk and Spock in Spock's quarters, Spock looks embarrassed}
Chekov: Kirk ordered Spock to tell him why he acted so bizarre.
Sulu: "It is the Vulcan mating time, the time of the pon farr."
Apollo: Worship me, as your ancestors did!
Kirk: No!
Apollo: So, you show your hand. How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!
Nomad: I am Nomad.
Spock: It's a computer.
Nomad: You are Kirk from Earth. You are the Creator.
Kirk: Well that makes a change from last week.
McCoy: What the blazes...?
Kirk: Somehow we transposed with evil counterparts in a parallel universe.
Scotty: Aye. Standard transporter malfunction.
Kirk: A native!
Akuta: Oompa-loompa, doompety Dahl. // I've got some exposition for y'all.
Akuta: My name's Akuta; my clan is in thrall // To a god-like entity, of the name Vaal.
Kirk: Scotty, rig the engines to explode, on a 30-second delay trigger, to give me time to beam out.
Scotty: Don't ye want a longer delay? Or a remote trigger we can activate from the Enterprise?
Kirk: No!
McCoy: It's like Trick or Treat.
Spock: Trick or Treat?
McCoy: Never mind.
Spock: That cat is like a familiar.
McCoy: Familiar?
Spock: A demon in animal form sent by Satan to serve a witch or warlock. Your knowledge of Earth folklore is appalling.
Harry Mudd: Welcome to my planet, Kirk!
Kirk: Harry Mudd! Weren't you in prison?
Harry Mudd: Long story. Let me fill 5 minutes of screen time telling it.
Kirk: Well, killing it didn't work. Let's talk to it with our translator.
Cochrane: How does it work?
Kirk: It keys into universal technobabble, understood instinctively by all life forms.
Caption: It's a piece of pipe!
Amanda: Thank your son for saving your life, Sarek.
Spock: She is emotional. Why did you marry her?
Sarek: It seemed like a logical idea at the time. Son.
Kirk: Awwww!! Group hug!
Caption: Smash cut to all out fight between the Capellans:
Kirk: Now this is my type of diplomacy!
SFX: Punch!
Kirk: Well, let's see if I can help in sick bay.
McCoy: I've tried everything to stop this PLAGUE!
Kirk: Chekov was frightened. Try adrenaline.
McCoy: Okay, everything except the usual treatment for radiation sickness.
Caption: She's an endocrinologist {arrow pointing at Dr Janet Wallace}
Caption: Crazy plan works.
Kirk: All right, we blew up half a planet, destroying the Federation's only source of tritanium. Let's deliver those drugs.
Spock: Your assessment of the captain's fitness to command?
McCoy: A-okay!
Jaris: My wife will hold a séance to determine the guilty party.
Kirk: Sure, why not? But lock the room so nobody can get in or out. Except by transporter, but we'll ignore that.
Caption: {pointing at Jaris} Still calm
SFX: All-in brawl!
Captain's log, Stardate 3211.7. Uhura, Chekov, and myself were captured by omnipotent god-like aliens and forced to fight to the death. My shirt got ripped, so I took it off. Then I seduced my sexy alien warden.
Kirk: Let me operate this mechanical conveyance. I'll show these benighted jackdaws a far out thing or two!
Caption: Car goes backwards.
Caption: It's a clever metaphor for the plot.
SFX: Kaboom!
{crew flung around the bridge because there are no safety harnesses}
Kirk: No, our Prime Directive says we can't interfere.
McCoy: What if the Klingons are arming the villagers?
Kirk: Then we interfere!
Sargon had temporarily placed Spock's mind into me. Our consciousness had been shared! It was beautiful!
I only hope some day in the future Spock's body and mind are separated once more...
Caption: They steal Nazi uniforms.
{Spock and Kirk in snappy Nazi uniforms}
Kirk: Snappy!
Scotty: They've hijacked the ship, but I've rigged a self-destruct, to save our galaxy.
Kirk: What's the third option?
Scotty: No other option.
Kirk: Surely there must be a seducing option.
Kirk: Tracey gave them phasers. He violated the Prime Directive. Unforgiveable!
Spock: And how often have—
Kirk: Not important!
Kirk: What happened to M-1 through M-4?
Daystrom: Oh, they went homicidal and killed a bunch of people. But M-5 is perfect and totally sane! Like me! <twitch>
{Spock and McCoy in fight with two gladiators}
Spock: Do you need help, Doctor?
McCoy: No, I can flail a sword as ineffectively as any actor!
Spock: Our future is secure.
Kirk: Mr Seven, Miss Lincoln, you will have many adventures, chronicled in a successful TV series.
Caption: {pointing at a mysterious woman who Roberta is staring at suspiciously} The cat!
Caption: Oh, no they won't.

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