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Episode 1.11: The Menagerie, Part 1


For anyone not aware, this double episode repurposed the original pilot episode "The Cage" (mentioned before), using it as the footage shown by Spock during his court martial. It's a clever way to re-use the material, and "The Cage" was actually a fairly good episode, so it's doubly nice that they got to show it in this way.


Captain's log, Stardate 3012.4. We've been summoned to Starbase 11.
Kirk: Spock says Captain Pike called us here.
Commodore Mendez: Impossible. Pike is a mute version of Davros!
Kirk: An accident?
Captain Pike: <flash>
Commodore Mendez: One flash means yes, two means no. Also, we've lost the technology to make a better communication system out of binary signals.
Commodore Mendez: I'm going to deepen this mystery by showing you sealed documents about Talos IV, for no apparent reason.
Kirk: The death penalty planet?
Commodore Mendez: Yes. Pike is the only captain to have been there. And Spock was his science officer!
Piper: Captain Pike has disappeared! Mr Spock has disappeared! The Enterprise is warping out of orbit!
Commodore Mendez: After them!
Kirk: Allons-y!
Uhura: It's a short range shuttle. They'll die if we don't pick them up.
Spock: Very well. Lieutenant Hansen, you are in command.
Hansen: Me?
Spock: Doctor, arrest me for mutiny.
McCoy: What?!
Hansen: Why not McCoy? Uhura? Scotty? Sulu? Anyone else who's been in more than one episode?
Hansen: Transferring command to you, sir.
Kirk: Cool. Computer, turn the ship around.
Computer: No can do. Spock has locked course for Talos IV.
Spock: I request immediate court martial.
Commodore Mendez: You can't, we need three command officers. There's only me and Kirk.
Spock: And Captain Pike.
Captain Pike: <flash>
Commodore Mendez: Why did you steal the Enterprise?
Spock: You're asking why? I may now enter any evidence I wish.
Kirk: He's right.
Commodore Mendez: Damn. You'd make a good lawyer, Mr Spock.
Spock: Insults do not faze me, Commodore.
Captain Pike: <flash> <flash> <flash>
Caption: Ha ha ha!
Spock: This is 13 years ago. We picked up a distress call from Talos IV.
Kirk: We don't make record tapes that old-fashioned looking. Where is this coming from?
Spock: The pilot episode, Captain.
Spock: We beamed down to find shipwreck survivors. But they vanished into thin air. Captain Pike was taken underground by mysterious aliens.
Captain Pike: <flash>
SFX: Beep!
Uhura: Uhura, sir. Signal from Starfleet. Enterprise is receiving signals from Talos IV. Captain Kirk is relieved. Commodore Mendez is ordered to break contact with Talos, disabling the ship if necessary.
Commodore Mendez: This court is in recess!
Captain Pike: <flash> <flash>
Kirk: Spock, are you mad? It's the death penalty for you, and worse, the end of my career!
Spock: Jim, don't stop me. For dramatic reasons, I can't explain until the next episode.
Caption: TO BE CONTINUED!...

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