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No. 87: The Jade Owl Affair: Episode 1

The Jade Owl Affair: Episode 1

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Strip by: LTDave

Caption: It was a day like any other...
Caption: And Delkin Dartmour went to work as usual... {Delkin works in a museum}
Caption: Only to discover the Jade Owl had been stolen...
Caption: Unless returned within a month...
Delkin: Oh crud...
Caption: The town will be destroyed by fire. (According to ancient prophecy.)
Delkin: ... I'm a protagonist.
Title: The Jade Owl Affair: Ep. 1

The author writes:

This is the first in what I hope to make a series of linked gags, "The Jade Owl Affair". Probably no more than six or seven strips to make a story. Here we have "Protagonist" and "The Spark". The next strips will deal with other classic adventure story elements, right up to "Denouement".