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No. 680: Doing It for the Art - Part 2

Doing It for the Art - Part 2

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Strip by: Cody

{Delkin walks out of the building and slams the door shut}
Delkin: {thinking} But I wanted to do only one! How dare he intrude on my art like that?
Delkin: {thinking} I suppose it would not hurt to do a series, but that would ruin the ending of the original.
Delkin: {thinking} Plus, considering how many different series I've seen go downhill from running too long, doing so would cost me my fans.
Delkin: {out-loud} Oh, think, Delkin, think!
{Delkin runs across Oliver, a friend of his who saw the original special}
Oliver: Hey, Delkin, your special was great! I loved how much action you put into it.
Delkin: {thinking} Great. Just what I didn't need.