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No. 63: Going Out on a Limb

Going Out on a Limb

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Strip by: R. J. T.

{Holly and Meridien are cells.}
Holly: {crying} Meridien! Oh, Meridien, you have to come with me!
Meridien: Why, Holly, whatever is the matter?
Holly: One of my daughter cells called! She's joined a colony!
{At the colony. Meridien apprehensively watches a few cells march by in a line while Holly talks to her daughter.}
Holly's Daughter Cell: It's my job to support one of the Sisterhood of the Chloroplast and hold her into the Sunlight of Truth.
Holly: Um...they don't ever let you leave, you say...

The author writes:

I imagine Holly has quite a few daughter cells. Either that or, "If you keep making that anaphase you'll get stuck that way."