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No. 52: Lightning Made of Owls Squared 2

Lightning Made of Owls Squared 2

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Strip by: alliterator

Delkin: Oliver, we've got to save Samantha from agents of D.R.O.L.L.
Oliver: Yeah, right. Fool me twice, shame on me.
Delkin: Meri, we've got to save Sam...
Meridien: Can't. Busy.
Delkin: Holly, we've got to...
Holly: Need sleep. Too much studying.
Delkin: Prof...
Ambrose: I'm making toast!!!
{Tiny images show Delkin now talking to an owl}

The author writes:

Ambrose's line is shamelessly stolen from Invader Zim. I almost wasn't able to put the owl in (since it would have made it longer than 800 px), but decided at the last moment to shrink 'em both down and made the strip funnier (I hope). Oh, and in my mind, the owl's name is Lightning.