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No. 407: Peanuts Made of Owls

Peanuts Made of Owls

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Strip by: Dr Simon

Holly: {as Marcie} I still think this art style seems a bit... derivative, sir.
Samantha: {as Peppermint Patty} Stop calling me sir!
Delkin: {as Snoopy} Here's the world famous webcomic star on his way to another punchline.
Ambrose: {as Linus} Are you sure this is the only way to give me a moustache?
Meridien: {as Sally} Oh, my poor sweet Baboo!
Oliver: {as Charlie Brown} Good grief!
Caption: Apologies to Charles M. Schulz!

The author writes:

The personality traits of the LMoO characters map surprisingly well onto the Peanuts characters I've chosen for each. Only Meridien/Sally isn't a perfect fit, but then, Sally is friends with the school building, which seems a Meridien-ish thing to do.