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No. 372: Oliver Prepares for Thermopolye

Oliver Prepares for Thermopolye

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Strip by: Billy Hamilton

Ambrose: I have just developed something new to help you fight the Persians.
Oliver: What is it?
Ambrose: A giant shield on wheels! It will protect all your men from arrows!
Oliver: No thank you. We'll do without.
Ambrose: Aren't you at all worried about their archers?
Oliver: Yes, but we prefer to fight in the sun.

The author writes:

Legend has it that the Spartan soldier Dienekes, before the battle of Thermopolye, was warned the Persian arrows would block the sun, to which he responded, "Very well! We prefer to fight in the shade." It seems Oliver has the opposite preference.

It's too bad soldiers nowadays don't get to dress up like this.