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No. 334: Changes


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Strip by: qvaak

Ambrose & Meridien: Hi!
Ambrose: I can change the hat I wear.
Meridien: Brilliant!
Meridien: I can change my skin colour.
Ambrose: Exquisite!
Ambrose: I can change the emotion I feel inside.
Meridien: Awesome!
Meridien: I can change the bow tie I wear.
Ambrose: Super!

The author writes:

Birch's character art again.

I don't think I've ever tried to change the bow tie I was wearing. I've probably worn one bow tie or another some half dozen times, but it shouldn't count as changing, if there are months or even years between.


I often wonder how my comments would do if they were written for Comments on a Postcard instead of these strips.