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No. 318: Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Sixth Stanza

Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Sixth Stanza

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Strip by: qvaak

Holly: Here I lay lost and forlorn.
Oliver: We're right here.
Holly: The battle was hopeless.
Oliver: I already said we haven't lost.
Holly: We haven't?
Oliver: NO!
Holly: We won?
Oliver: We didn't lose, that's for sure.
Holly: It's good to know I died for a reason.
Oliver: Guess again.
Samantha: I have an idea.
Samantha: Let's go find Meridien. I saw her here just minutes ago.
Samantha: She's the best healer there is.
Oliver: Alright!
Delkin98: Gruuu.. ?
Holly: AAAAAH!
Delkin98: GRAAAA!
Oliver: Holly is screaming! She's in trouble!
Oliver: I think She's dead!
Samantha: We'll see.
Samantha: Rabid Delkins are attacking!
Samantha: See? Alive. Meridien?
Meridien: Hi. I'll revive her in a blink.
Meridien: ..Done. Just don't move her. Be seeing you. Love in the air.
Samantha: Yes.
Oliver: "Yes" to "love in the air"?
Samantha: ..Yes.
Oliver: You told her we were dating?
Samantha: Uh.. Yes.
Oliver: ... I'll go see if there are any Delkins left.
Samantha: OK.

The author writes:

The character art is David Birch's.