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No. 29: Truth, Justice, and 9.8 m/s2

Truth, Justice, and 9.8 m/s2

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Strip by: Jemppu, Mac Almy

Samantha: AAAAAAAAII!! {falling out of a helicopter}
Amazing Man (Oliver): Great Scott!! Dr Despicable has thrown Samantha to almost certain doom!
Amazing Man: Got you! {catches the falling Samantha}
Samantha: Amazing Man! You saved me!
Amazing Man: Probably.
Samantha: ... What?!
Amazing Man: You're still going quite fast, but I'm pretty sure I can bring you to a safe stop, before we hit the pavement.
Samantha: Wha... What kind of superhero are you?!
Amazing Man: The kind that obeys the laws of physics as well, dear.

The author writes:

Story: Mac Almy
Art: Jemppu
Dialogue: Mac Almy & Jemppu

Author comment (Mac Alm): If you die a little bit inside every time you see someone get "saved" from a fall by being brought to a sudden stop, this one's for you.