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No. 289: Holly the Vampire Slayer

Holly the Vampire Slayer

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Strip by: Robyn

Oliver: Holly! It's me, Oliver!
Holly: Oh. Thank God.
Holly: Why are you half-naked?
Oliver: I was at the gym. I ran straight here when you told me you were being pursued by vampires. Are you okay?
Holly: Yes, but I'm really scared.
Oliver: It's okay. I'll take care of you.
Holly: So, are the day-glo orange shorts repellent to vampires, or is that just normal gym wear for you?
Oliver: Hey, do you want to be rescued from vampires or not?

The author writes:

This comic follows the events of High Stakes.

Admin note: Robyn submitted two versions, leaving it to my discretion which version to run. I just found the above version funnier. The alternative is shown below:

Holly the Vampire Slayer, alternate version