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No. 283: I guess he was probably orienteering, huh

I guess he was probably orienteering,  huh

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Strip by: manyhills

{A room. Oliver sits on a throne. Delkin is standing, and addresses him.}
Delkin: Your Majesty! Border Patrol caught another one sneaking in from East
Delkin: He says he didn't mean to cross the border. Says he just got lost out
walking and didn't know what direction he was going. But I know better. It was
Oliver: You mean - ?
Delkin: Yes. He came here...
Delkin: ...occidentally on purpose.

The author writes:

I woke up one day with an unknowable urge to do a LMoO strip that began "!MEANWHILE, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN...!", but alas I couldn't think of a half-decent gag set there. Then I thought of this joke (some may argue it is not half-decent either) and decided to recycle the form.