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No. 270: Rapunzel Rescues Her Dive Buddy

Rapunzel Rescues Her Dive Buddy

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Strip by: Robyn

{Underwater: Delkin is in trouble and Rapunzel/Samantha swims unknowingly nearby}
Delkin: {thinking} Oh no, a giant pink octopus has dragged me into an underwater cave and taken away my SCUBA equipment. I think I could escape while it is distracted, if only I had some way to communicate with my dive partner and get her to lower her spare regulator so I could breathe!

The author writes:

The octopus has also stolen Delkin's buoyancy compensator: I just couldn't fit that into the speech bubble. Samantha does have one, it's just really well matched to her swimsuit, which as you can tell from the design is a special scuba-diving swimsuit.