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No. 241: Air Museum

Air Museum

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Strip by: David Birch

Caption: (Sketches drawn in a fast moving car, on bumpy English roads)
{Cars on a road passing a sign}
Sign: Air Museum
{Holly and Delkin outside the Air Museum}
{Holly and Delkin paying the entry fee}
Sign: Entry Fee £5
Sign: Air Exhibit {arrow}
{Holly and Delkin in a room full of shelves, each shelf containing dozens of labelled, apparently empty glass jars}

The author writes:

Like most of the LMoO work I draw, I drew this while travelling. Normally I save these pictures for trains, but in this case I drew the comic in the back of a fast-moving car on a bumpy British A-road.

So you all have my apologies for the quality of the sketch, but not for the quality of the joke.