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No. 236: Just Call Me Gerhard Richter

Just Call Me Gerhard Richter

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Strip by: manyhills

{An ad in the Yellow Pages, with Samantha's finger on it, obscuring some letters}
Ad: We fix it good
Ad: 555-1438-309 EMERG NCY PLUM ER
Voice on phone: When?
Samantha: Now!
{Samantha nonplussed as Christopher Plummer appears}
Christopher Plummer: and frankly i've had it up to here being asked to sing "edelweiss" all the bleeding time i mean i was nominated for an oscar this year and i was in up and that won one i mean

The author writes:

Yes, yes, I know, "isn't that photograph of Christopher Plummer under copyright?" Well, I realise it's difficult to believe, but that's actually my own drawing of him. Your mind = blown, right?

Mad props to Buttersafe, whose treatment of this joke is much better than mine.