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No. 205: And The Walls of Text Came Tumbling Down

And The Walls of Text Came Tumbling Down

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Strip by: manyhills

Caption: Great Moments in Telly History
Caption: No. 1: Del Boy falls through the bar.
{A man falls through a gap in a bar}
Ambrose: Now, that may have left you oddly cold. Let me explain.
Caption: Webcomics Surgeon Ambrose von Hebshark
Ambrose: It has long been known that slapstick does not work in still images. (For instance, "A Rake's Progress" by Hogarth does not include Sideshow Bob in any of its panels.)
Ambrose: Thankfully, there is a solution. The webcomic form is ideal for delivering copious verbage. Thus:
{A man falls through a gap in a bar}
Man: Goodness Trigger, I was unaware this had been opened and am thus stumbling hilariously floorward. Quick! Make a face!
Caption: SUCCESS!

The author writes:

I emailed Hogarth to see if he'd let me use his painting in this strip, but oh, he doesn't respond to the people does he, the arrogant, stuck-up, priggish, burger-munching hippy.

Oh, and you can probably get better advice if you go to Eric von Websnark instead.