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No. 199: Infinity on 30 Credits a Day Crossover

Infinity on 30 Credits a Day Crossover

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Strip by: drachefly

{a TV news broadcast set}
Ambrose: Did I ramble?
Delkin: Ramble? You took ten minutes explaining how the Infinity's unusual energy efficiency curve changed race strategy!
Samantha: It was perfect. You heard the tagline. The race is theirs to lose.
Delkin: I'm sure both viewers who watched that long were very excited.
Samantha: If they're Jake and Dazer, and they take the advice, it's a win. I called a lot of favours to be their exclusive correspondent, and them ending up dead last... you've heard the laughs.
Ambrose: Fools! You'll show them all!
Samantha: Or maybe I could take the human interest angle.