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No. 168: The Other Weather Frog

The Other Weather Frog

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Strip by: Panpear

Caption: THE oTHEr weaTHEr frog
{Meridien is a weather frog}
{silent beat}
{zoom in}
Meridien: I will never tell you that you are cool.

The author writes:

The discussion forum thread for strip #153:

Qvaak: How about the punch line, "Rip it"? I understand it's a play on "ribbit", but my limited English skills (or quick web surf) don't really get me further than that. What does "rip it" intuitively mean in this frog/weather context?

DMM: It's similar to Nike's "just do it". Basically an affirmation that you're cool and you do cool stuff.

AnnieFan: Weather reporters tell people they're cool?

DMM: If they're frogs, they do. Cite me just one counterexample.

Panpear: You mean like this?