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No. 150: Super Sammy and the Blue Dragon: Part 2

Super Sammy and the Blue Dragon: Part 2

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Strip by: Matt Albrecht

{Super Sammy, the caped rabbit, and Aqua Holly, the masked turtle, stand at the ready, while Blue Dragon, an imposing figure, who is oblivious to their presence, goes on the rampage.}
Blue Dragon: Roar!
Super Sammy: Aqua Holly, act quickly before he notices our presence.
Super Sammy: The time is at hand! Now!
{Super Sammy and Aqua Holly look down on Blue Dragon, who is now smaller than them. The two then watch the dragon walk off, continuing its rampage.}
Super Sammy: That's it? "Remove Forced Perspective?"
Blue Dragon: Roar!

The author writes:

Yes, I took these photos in forced perspective to make the dragon look larger.