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No. 129: Shmime Machine Time Shmachine

Shmime Machine Time Shmachine

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Strip by: qvaak

Delkin: I hear you've made a time machine.
Ambrose: I have!
Delkin: Wow, that's ... Awesome!
Ambrose: Well, There is no guarantee it will work.
Delkin: What?
Ambrose: If my theory holds, there is a universe for every possible variation of our own. And there is also a possibility (even if absurdly small) for a quantum anomaly, that a clothed person with a full set of memories materialises out of thin air.
Ambrose: Thus there is a world corresponding for anybody's arrival to any place or time. All we have to do is create the matching circumstances for departure. There is no actual interaction between the universes, but the situation will be indistinguishable from a causal relation.
Delkin: Does your machine do anything other than annihilate the person inside?
Ambrose: No, not really.