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No. 107: The Jade Owl Affair: Episode 3

The Jade Owl Affair: Episode 3

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Strip by: LTDave

Title: The Jade Owl Affair
Subtitle: Episode 3: Obvious Clue!
Delkin: Look, Detective!
Oliver: What is it, Curator?
Delkin: A single strand of auburn hair!
Oliver: You mean that's not part of the exhibit?
Delkin: No!
Oliver: Aha! Then it is a clue!
Delkin: Will you send it away for DNA testing?
Oliver: Not necessary, Mr Dartmour!
Oliver: There's only one character in this universe with auburn hair!
{Panel showing Holly, with auburn hair.}

The author writes:

This is the third of "The Jade Owl Affair" series. In a story world with only six defined characters, working out "Who dunnit?" should be a relatively easy affair.