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No. 106: Owl Replacement 2 - David Birch

Owl Replacement 2 - David Birch

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Strip by: Jemppu, Andrew Bird, Dliessmgg, qvaak

Caption: The moon explodes.
SFX: Fwakoom!
Caption: Rocks fall. Almost everyone dies.
Caption: You find yourselves at death's door, drifting aimlessly through the void...
Oliver: {as Jimmers, from Infinity on 30 Credits a Day, ripped into several pieces, but holding himself together} Well, that certainly could have gone better.
Oliver: Great plan, Sam. Spectacular. Any pearls of wisdom you'd care to cast on our current predicament?
Samantha: {in space suit} Sorry. The only pearl of wisdom I can think of is: Never forget to return the DVDs you borrowed from your GM.
Oliver: No, that's not it. It's: Never accidentally order a wrong pizza for your grumpy GM.
GM: {as a "hand of God", appearing in the scene} Are these olives in my pizza?
Oliver: Crud. We're dead now.
Samantha: Yeah, yeah! Will you get that off my face?

The author writes:

This is the replaced version of Owl Original 2 - David Birch. Panels are by (in order): Dliessmgg, Andrew Bird, qvaak, Jemppu.

You can also reconstruct the creation process and the intermediate comics:

  1. Panels 2,3,4 of David Birch's original were sent to Dliessmgg, who drew panel 1 of this strip.
  2. Dliessmgg's panel 1 and panels 3,4 of David Birch's original were sent to Andrew Bird, who filled in panel 2 of this strip.
  3. Panels 1 and 2 of this strip and panel 4 of David Birch's original were sent to qvaak, who filled in panel 3 of this strip.
  4. Panels 1,2,3 of this strip were sent to Jemppu, who filled in panel 4.