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No. 103: Owl Replacement 1 - Dliessmgg

Owl Replacement 1 - Dliessmgg

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Strip by: David Birch, Jemppu, Andrew Bird, qvaak

{Ambrose is threatening an owl with a gun}
Ambrose: Hand them over, or the owl dies!
Holly: But it's your owl.
Ambrose: {now wearing Holly's glasses} Bwa ha ha ha! Yes, these will do.
SFX: flap flap {the owl flies away into the background}
Oliver: {appearing} What is going on?!?
Holly: *sob* He just robbed me!
Oliver: Well, it could have been worse. Imagine, he could have robbed Sammy!
{Holly has a mental picture of Ambrose wearing large hoop earrings and exclaiming: Fashion!}

The author writes:

This is the replaced version of Owl Original 1 - Dliessmgg. Panels are by (in order): Andrew Bird, qvaak, Jemppu, David Birch.

You can also reconstruct the creation process and the intermediate comics:

  1. Panels 2,3,4 of Dliessmgg's original were sent to Andrew Bird, who drew panel 1 of this strip.
  2. Andrew Bird's panel 1 and panels 3,4 of Dliessmgg's original were sent to qvaak, who filled in panel 2 of this strip.
  3. Panels 1 and 2 of this strip and panel 4 of Dliessmgg's original were sent to Jemppu, who filled in panel 3 of this strip.
  4. Panels 1,2,3 of this strip were sent to David Birch, who filled in panel 4.