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No. 37: Remember my Nam

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Remember my Nam

First | Previous | 2015-09-22 | Next | Latest

Strip by: DanielBT

Ozymandias: My nam is Zymandias
Ozymandias: King of Kins.
Ozymandias: Look on my woks, ye mity... and repair!

The author writes:

Upon seeing the ZenPencils adaption of the famous poem, it occurred to me that the alternate name for Rameses II could very easily been misinterpreted. If every monument to everlasting glory had eventually crumbled to pieces, there's no small doubt that erosion wouldn't have affected the hieroglyphics as well.

After all, the impertinence of things means that things are just as likely to be mistranslated or misinterpreted over the ages. Even today, some of the most famous quotes are frequently taken out of context, despite numerous articles denouncing and providing accurate portrayal. The lines that remain in people's memories are the catchiest ones. Even in today's digital media, there's no guarantee that our data won't be corrupted along the way, with future generations hilariously misinterpreting out intentions.