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No. 276: metacotta: Eliza is Bald

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metacotta: Eliza is Bald

First | Previous | 2018-11-06 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Redgreen

Character 14: {to Eliza, who is bald} You are bald.
{Eliza has a smug look on her face, probably because she is well aware that she's bald}
Eliza: Does it please you to think that I'm bald?

The author writes:

I have some experience with browser developer tools, and since Pieter used them on a mezzacotta strip to make one for Square Root of Minus Garfield, I thought about using them on other strips, then publishing the edits here on iToons, especially since all three of these webcomic sites are hosted under the first. Lo and behold, I did my first edit, and I have decided to call all mezzacotta strips edited with developer tools "metacottas." On top of that, I'd retroactively call SRoMG #1133 the first metacotta (unless somebody fiddled around with the elements before 2012).

I am well aware that sometimes, while a mezzacotta strip is loading, the characters will appear to have one eye, no hair, or no body but a floating hairdo, which is what gave me the idea for this metacotta.

Postscript comment: Which seems more effective, this or the first panel of the original strip with Eliza replaced with Shrek?

Original mezzacotta: -9999999999991-05-05.