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No. 176: Making Mountain Time Slightly More Surreal

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Making Mountain Time Slightly More Surreal

First | Previous | 2017-06-17 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Sloublues

{The characters are walking through a standard RPG crypt. There's a half-decayed corpse on the floor.}
Some Jerk: People typically come in from the front door, rather than the closet.
Chimneyfoot: How can you know a spot if everything moves around?
Raoul: Knock Knock
Sign: AGORAPHOBIC PANCAKE ANSWERS THE DOOR {arrow points to the corpse}
Some Jerk: The demoness of the shadows.
{He walks down stairs, to find himself in an underground city. The entire panel is flipped upside-down, except the dialogue and a sign that reads KEDERI'S HAMSTER CHALET. Another sign reads INUVIK'S What? SUPPLY, but it's upside down and backwards so it looks like cool runes or somethiing.}
Some Jerk: My closet has aisles now?
Banner: And so
{Chimneyfoot and Dawn have menus. Dawn looks delighted.}
Dawn: EEP!
Bartender: SINKS<-- TOILETS-->
{Dawn looks crestfallen. Her menu now has a drippy tentacle protruding from the back cover.}
Dawn: Oh.
Dawn: Then I'll have the banana nut pancakes.
Bartender: Hey boss, I need a spud coupling assembly -- uh . . .
{The boss is sitting in an inflatable pool, holding a toy horse. He speaks in snow-covered letters, because how often do I get to use that font? But never fear, there is some deeper, surreal purpose to it. Like, maybe it indicates that the pool contains snow, not liquid water. That's the ticket.}

The author writes:

Mathematicians disagree about what the magnitude of my intended surreality would be.

I was going to call the beret guy Beret Guy, but he self-identifies as "some jerk" in another strip, so I respected his wishes.

Because I like doing things the difficult way, I started with one of the more lucid storylines and tried to make it slightly more than slightly more surreal. And that's how you milk a pterodactyl.

Original strips: 2016-08-02, 2017-04-25, 2016-08-11, 2016-12-05