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No. 123: Dilbert Trump

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Dilbert Trump

First | Previous | 2016-08-27 | Next | Latest

Strip by: DilbertAndTrump

Dilbert, Wally, and PHB are in a meeting with the bald CEO.
CEO: Although I obviously support Trump, I’ve decided to support Clinton for my safety.
CEO: Because killing of middle-aged rich white guys for their political views has reached epidemic levels.
Dilbert: So you’ve decided cartoonists lives matter?

The author writes:

This toon combines two cartoonish worlds. One of course is the comic genius that is Dilbert. The other is the just as comic but much less genius work that is Scott Adams blogging about Donald Trump. Throw in a little of Trump’s own campaign, as well.

If you are not familiar with Adams’ pronouncements on the political, this link will give you a good summary. Or you can read the blog posts for yourselves.

The ‘original cartoon’ is this blog post, in which Adams pretends to support Clinton because he says he fears for his safety otherwise. The artwork is culled from various Dilbert cartoons.

If people like this one, it could be the start of a short series.