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No. 998: Horror Theatre: Blender Pudding Pops!

Horror Theatre: Blender Pudding Pops!

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Strip by: Ben Kenobi

{A bored Garfield is watching television late at night, when the introduction to his favourite show appears. The Garfield Host rubs his hands in anticipation, and declares:}
Garfield: You are watching "Garfield's Horror Theater".
{The clip runs, and we seen Jon reading the newspaper to Garfield Actor, recounting his previous escapades. Jon, in a halting and desperate moan, admits:}
Jon: I glued a blender to my face.
{to the dazed Garfield Actor, resting on his every word. The TV-watching Garfield steps back in alarm, and murmurs to himself:}
Garfield: They haven't stopped making frozen pudding pops yet, have they?

The author writes:

The inevitable.

Original strips: 2008-04-26, 2001-11-28, 2006-10-28.