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No. 476: Monday Morning Workday Blues

Monday Morning Workday Blues

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Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

Jon: I hate Mondays.
Jon: Why are you looking depressed? You don't work.
{Garfield looks at Jon}
Jon: Touché.

The author writes:

I was searching for strips I could use for another mash-up I had in mind, and this one from 1988-03-07 leapt out at me as requiring (a) a beat panel, and (b) a different punchline.

I tried searching for mentions of Jon's job. As far as I can find, it's mentioned in the very first panel of the first Garfield strip, and then a couple of times in precisely one short story arc thereafter, in December 1984, where Jon goes to a cartoonist's convention for a week. It's almost What Exactly Is His Job, except that Jon actually has a well-defined job, it's just that he never ever seems to do it.

EDIT: Contributor Tina Russell points out that the trope I'm looking for is The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, which actually mentions Jon as an example.