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No. 3108: A Week in a Sunday

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A Week in a Sunday

First | Previous | 2017-11-21 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Jacob Huller

{Generic Garfield Title Card}
{Garfield is suspended by the jaw from a tree branch. Odie is pulling on his legs}
Garfield: I don't think this is exactly the way to get me down, Odie.
{Odie bends down branch}
Garfield: Congratulations Odie! You did something right for a change!
{Odie allows Garfield to be flung off by the branch}
Garfield {later}: Well Odie, you almost broke every bone in my body, but you did get me down from that tree.
Garfield: Some day I hope to do the same for you.
{Odie is now suspended from the tree branch as Garfield walks away}
Garfield: But not today.

The author writes:

Inspired by #754 and #227, I decided to take the most important beats of the Garfield Gets His Mouth Stuck in a Tree week-long arc and condense it into a Sunday strip, even squashing the panels to better match the Sunday formatting. The generic Garfield title card from the early 1970s has been used (specifically the one from 1978-06-25).

Original strips: 1978-06-25, 1988-07-05, 1988-07-06, 1988-07-07, 1988-07-08.