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No. 2883: "We're Bachelors, Baby" but every time they say "bachelors" it gets faster

First | Previous | 2017-04-10 | Next | Latest

First | Previous | 2017-04-10 | Next | Latest

Strip by: ncrecc

Jon: Look at all the dead bugs in that ceiling lamp.
Garfield: Yup.
Jon: Huh.
Garfield: Huh.
Jon: I wonder what's on TV?
Garfield: We're bachelors, baby.

{The strip gets unnoticeably thinner}

Jon: I just checked...
Jon: All we have left for dinner are ramen noodles and chocolate pudding.
Jon: Are we lucky or what?
Garfield: We're bachelors, baby.

{The strip is slightly thinner}

Jon: Oops... I dropped the guacamole.
Jon: Good thing that rug is green.
Garfield: We're bachelors, baby.

{The strip is definitely thinner}

{Jon and Garfield stare at a sink clogged with silverware and plates}
Jon: We need new dishes.
Garfield: We're bachelors, baby.

{The strip is much thinner}

{Flies are gathering around Jon's shirt}
{Jon sniffs his sleeve}
Jon: Laundry day.
Garfield {barely legible}: We're bachelors, baby.

{The strip is way too thin, and the dialogue is barely legible}

Jon: I dried my socks in the microwave...
Jon: And now they smell like last night's macaroni and cheese!
Garfield: Sweet
Jon: MMM- {The strip ends here}

The author writes:

I put all of the "bachelors" comics from 2006 in one neat line, and then every time Garfield started saying "bachelors," I shortened the image by 200 pixels (about the length of one panel). The image cut off at the sixth comic.

Memes aside, here's something to think about: would this still work if the "bachelors" arc only lasted 5 days instead of 6? What if I included all the future "bachelors" strips as well? If I put every non-Sunday strip back-to-back, and shortened the entire strip by 200 pixels at the end of every individual strip, how long would it take for the dialogue to become unreadable? Would it still end at today's strip, or would it be cut off before then? If so, when would it be cut off?

I'm glad math still exists.

Original strip: 2006-11-06, 2006-11-07, 2006-11-08, 2006-11-09, 2006-11-10, 2006-11-11.