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No. 2856: Eek

First | Previous | 2017-03-14 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2017-03-14 | Next | Latest

Strip by: JLH

{Garfield lunges at Jon, waving his arms}
Garfield: Eeek!
{Girl Scout leaps up as Garfield scares her}
Girl Scout: Eeeek!
Garfield: B-b-b-b-b
{Garfield gawks at Pooky's torn arm}
Garfield: Eeeeeek!
{Jon points at the TV}
Jon: Eeeeek!
{pair of women scream while looking past Jon}
Women: Eeeeeek!
{Jon's Mom screams at the inside of Jon's fridge}
Jon's Mom: Eeek!
{Jon reads his newspaper as Garfield shrieks}
Garfield: Eeeeeeek!!!
{Jon's trunks wash ashore beside Garfield}
Beachgoers: Eeeek!
Garfield: But, it does have its moments
{ghoul masked Garfield jumps at the sight of smiley-faced masked Jon}
Garfield: Eeek!
{Garfield screams so loudly the top of his head lifts up}
Garfield: Eeeeek!
{Garfield shines a flashlight in the dark at Jon}
Garfield: Who goes there?
Jon: Eeek!
{Garfield watches TV}
TV: Eeeek!
SFX: Gulp!
Garfield: Trevor's halfway to Hong Kong by now, Bernice
{Santa's elf screams at Garfield and Jon}
Elf: Eeeeek!
{Garfield jumps and screams at the sight of Fox Kids cartoon character Eek! The Cat}
Garfield: Eek!

The author writes:

It never hurts to help!

Original strips: 1979-01-18, 1980-06-03, 1983-01-31, 1983-02-17, 1984-11-24, 1984-11-30, 1992-09-21, 1992-11-24, 1996-10-30, 2001-11-16, 2002-12-20, 2007-10-25, 2007-12-17, 2008-10-26.