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No. 2323: Single Orange Cat

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Single Orange Cat

First | Previous | 2015-09-28 | Next | Latest

Strip by: fallinq

{Grafield and Garfield stand facing each other.}
Grafield: Hello. I'm a fat, lazy cat!
Garfield: What's your name?
Grafield: Grafield
Garfield: Wait right here
{Garfield walks over to Jon in another room.}
Garfield {looking frightened}: Call the police
{Jon looks alarmed}

The author writes:

Single White Female is a thriller where a woman named Allie gets a new, mentally troubled roommate named "Hedy." Over the course of the movie, "Hedy" starts to copy Allie's clothing, hairstyle, and mannerisms. Allie learns that Hedy isn't her real name and that she has been impersonating Allie to various people. In the end, Hedy kills Allie's fiancé and tries to kill Allie.

"Grafield" is clearly on obsessed stalker in the same mold. He's gone to great lengths to emulate the appearance, mannerisms, and even name of the object of his obsession. His stilted, awkward speech and fixed grin are a sure clue that he's a mentally disturbed shut-in who has gone for quite a while without any contact with the outside world beyond Garfield comics and episodes of Garfield and Friends playing on an endless loop in the basement of his neglectful owners. Most worryingly, "Grafield" has broken into the Arbuckle home uninvited, probably with the intent of killing Garfield and replacing him, possibly while wearing his skin as a suit.

Given these facts, I decided to edit the original strip so Garfield responds in a more realistic way to this terrifying intruder. You have to admire Garfield's ability to play it cool and stall for time while he's actually more scared than he's ever been in his life.

Celebrity has a price, Garfield.

Original strip: 2008-04-21.