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No. 227: Less Humour, More Story!

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Less Humour, More Story!

First | Previous | 2009-12-22 | Next | Latest

Strip by: qvaak

Garfield: Yawn.
SFX: CHONK {Garfield gets his upper jaw caught on a tree branch}
Garfield: How in the world am I gonna get out of this?
Garfield: Maybe if I just closed my mouth...
Garfield: I really don't think this is exactly the way to get me down, Odie.
Garfield: Why don't you try something else?
{Odie tries pulling down on the branch}
Garfield: Congratulations, Odie! You did something right for a change!
Garfield: Well, Odie, you almost broke every bone in my body, but you did get me down from the tree.
Garfield: Someday I hope to do the same for you.

The author writes:

Garfield is full of little multi-strip stories. I wanted to make something based on that fact. Removing the last panels of strips and then smashing them together is an obvious method for creating a more story-centred continuum. These simple methods never actually do just what they should, but the results are double the fun. And who would want more story-centred Garfield anyhow?

Stirps: 1988-07-04, 1988-07-05, 1988-07-06, 1988-07-07, 1988-07-08.