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No. 2256: DeepDreamfield

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First | Previous | 2015-07-23 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Andrew Coker

{the images are weird and dream-like}
Jon: Z
{some weird horse-face thing lies on Jon's face...}
Garfield: And happy dreams to you, too, Jon.

The author writes:

It began in the middle of June, when Google's research blog posted an article about Inceptionism, a method of visualising what an artificial neural network was going through as it analysed images. This was soon turned into DeepDream, a code tool to allow any image to be converted into something that Google's neural network produces when it searches for similarities to the vast number of images in its training database.

The next logical step is of course to apply it to Garfield.

[[Original strip: 2014-10-18.]]

Original strip: 2014-10-18.