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No. 1816: Tuna the Garfield

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Tuna the Garfield

First | Previous | 2014-05-09 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Edwin Chee

(Strip 1)
Jon: Tuna
{Garfield zips towards Jon}
Jon: Yep, that's what I should have named you.
Garfield: This had better not be a false alarm.
(Strip 2)
Jon: {Holding sausage over Garfield} Here, Tuna,... beg.
{Garfield swipes Jon's leg}
Garfield: {Eating sausage} Groveling is not one of my strong suits.
(Strip 3)
Jon: Tuna! Lunch time!
{Garfield tries to move, but is stuck in place}
Garfield: I hate it when my feet go to sleep.
(Strip 4)
{Garfield hops towards Jon, who is at the door with his luggage}
Jon: Let's blow the joint, Tuna.
Garfield: {Runs off in the opposite direction} Hang on!
{Garfield returns}
Jon: Where did you go?
Garfield: To give the refrigerator a goodbye kiss.
(Strip 5)
{Jon prepared Garfield's breakfast}
Jon: Good morning, Tuna. I fixed you eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls and hot coffee.
Garfield: {Leaves bed} Let me at 'em!
Garfield: {Returns to bed} WOAH!
Jon: {Leaves} Rats!
Garfield: Nice try, Jon. You almost got me up on a Monday that time.
(Strip 6)
Jon: {Holding Garfield's food} TU-NA!
{Garfield readies his finesse}
{Garfield dashes forward}
{Garfield spins around on his foot continuously}
{Garfield takes a dive}
{Garfield's is head-first in his bowl}
Jon: Impressive.
Garfield: Did you catch the triple lutz?
(Strip 7)
Jon: Tuna, don't mess with my new plant.
Jon: It's very expensive.
Jon: And exotic.
Garfield: {Wrapped in plant vines} And friendly.

The author writes:

When Jon indirectly Garfield by uttering "Tuna", the idea of replacing Garfield's name with Tuna in previous Garfield strips occurred, as a sort of hindsight scenario. I decided on the different looks on Garfield to show this. For the transcript, I wasn't sure if I should have used "Tuna" instead of "Garfield", but decided on the latter because we're all used to calling Garfield "Garfield".

By the way, Garfield has a disjointed arm in the 1980 strip.

Original strips: 2011-05-23, 1978-06-28, 1980-01-22, 1984-04-21, 1988-03-21, 1994-06-05, 2000-04-29.