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No. 156: Square Root of Negative Garfield

Square Root of Negative Garfield

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Strip by: Henning Makholm

Jon: It's Garfield!
Garfield: Oh sure, lay the pressure on me!
Garfield: Do you realize all the responsibility that is attendant to being Garfield?!
Garfield: The eating of food?! The taking of naps?! The kicking of Odie?!
Garfield: Why can't I be you?... All carefree and silly?
SFX: {Garfield does a bizarre dance} hyuh! hyuh! hyuh!
Jon: Complex little creatures, aren't they?

The author writes:

Okay, this is just silly.

I first inverted the pixel values within each panel, producing a photonegative effect. Then I applied the complex square root function as a coordinate transform.

Original strip from 2002-06-23, minus throwaway first row. (Throwing it away is what it's for, right?)